Listening Wellness Center | Dance
Listening is a non-profit center whose mission is to promote wholistic health and wellness for the Central Massachusetts community. The name Listening is inspired by a Chinese acupuncture point. This point helps you to hear outside sounds and your inner, intuitive voice — creating balance between inner and outer, active and quiet. This harmony is the road to health.
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Dates and start times for all upcoming classes, events, and workshops at Listening Wellness Center can be viewed on our interactive Calendar page. The calendar also includes information on each session and the contact information for the teacher/practitioner.


You can view that page now by just clicking here.

Listening Dance Program

Full year program: 29 weeks of dance
Dance classes take place in the yoga studio at Listening. Listed below are the dates for Summer 2017 classes. Additional dance class information will be added at a later date.
Irish Step Dance: Beginner
July 18-20: 3:30-4:30, $30
Ages 5+ with Amy LaPointe
Learn to move to the beat of Irish music with a focus on basic step dance skills, steps, and techniques (black ballet shoes required.)

Irish Step Dance: Continuing

July 25-27: 3:30-4:30, $30

Must have Beginner class experience – with Amy LaPointe

Irish Step Dance: Advanced

Coming this Fall

Teacher approved enrollment into this class. Must have experience in Irish Step with Amy LaPointe.

Hip-Hop for Boys Only

Coming This Fall

Ages 5-12 3:45-4:30
Ages 12-17 4:30-5:15

With Nicole Chambers. No dance experience necessary. This class will focus on personal style and expression set to current and classic hip-hop music. Hip-Hop is a great way to get a good workout, have fun, and gain confidence. All dancers will participate in the Spring Recital.

See additional dance classes on the “Events and Workshops” page.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with Elizabeth Garrett

This unique class focuses on Belly Dance as a celebratory, healing artform among women with ancient roots. In this 5 week series, students will explore the fundamentals of Belly Dance within the context of ‘Tribal Fusion Style’. Each week a specific group of moves will be introduced including hip work-locks, drops & bumps, shimmies, traveling steps, slow undulations-body waves, snake arms, taxim & chest rotations. Students will get a workout too! Each class begins with a quieting Yoga warm up and leads into strengthening Belly Dance isolations & toning exercises. Students will drill simple Tribal Fusion choreography combos to hypnotic, belly dance-inspired music. They will also learn how to play finger cymbals. Each class will finish with a relaxing Yoga cool down leaving students feeling energized & strong.
This class is appropriate for all levels – beginners are especially welcome. Wear comfortable work out clothing & bring a water bottle. The series of 5 classes is $45.00 or the drop in fee is $12.00.
For information on classes, please call Elizabeth directly. People can reach Elizabeth at or 508-736-7577.