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DSC02551 (640x480)Professional, Educational, Health/Wellness Office space available for a compatible business/practitioner to share space in a well-established Community Wellness Center. Sunny, quiet and spacious office space available with multiple and or separate entrance and bathroom/storage facilities, located on the Barre Common.The building is shared by a variety of wellness practitioners and small businesses. Our intention at Listening Wellness Center is to increase the well-being of the community by promoting access to healthcare and encouraging self-education.
DSC02554 (640x480)Located in a large, beautiful historic house adjacent to the Barre Common, we offer the services of a group of skilled and experienced healers from a variety of complementary and allopathic medicines.Listening Wellness Center is a community center, open to all, not just those needing individual appointments. We offer workshops and classes as well as providing rental space to our practitioners. Our intention is to foster community through learning and exploration. There are multiple space options including office space, art studio, classroom, yoga studio, private meditation room, massage therapy, and psychotherapy, just to name a few. Rental fees range FROM $165.00 a month up to $560.00 depending on the number of days rented and the space.For more information, call (978)355-3501, or email

Rental Fees and Descriptions


Large Treatment Room

Full week $560/month
4 Days $510/month
3 Days $435/month
2 Days $360/month
1 Day $200/month


Small Treatment Room

Full week $410/month
4 Days $385/month
3 Days $335/month
2 Days $260/month
1 Day $165/month


One day is considered to be a maximum of 8 hours. The day may be divided into two 4 hour blocks on two different days.  Additional use of space beyond your regular hours may be paid for at the prevailing hourly rate, currently $16.00 per hour.

Transitional rates for those starting out or seeking to expand their practice are available and can be discussed with the Director.

Subletting is not permitted. All rental agreements must be made through Listening.

Rent Includes:

  • Use of Treatment Room
  • Use of Waiting Room
  • The Classroom and Yoga Studio are available for Free Educational Events open to the public, otherwise the prevailing hourly fee, which is currently at $16 per hour.
  • Treatment rooms are rented by the day (per month) A year’s commitment is expected, though notice may be given with three months’ advance notice. First and last month’s rent is due with the first rent payment.


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