Reflections on Holidays and Stress

by Donna Re
If you are already stressed out due to the economy, with the holidays fast approaching hold on tight. Holiday stress is nothing new. Continue Reading…


Coming Home To Ourselves: Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

by Laura Fasano
Mindfulness is simply being aware of where your attention is from one moment to the next, with gentle acceptance. Nothing is rejected. Mindfulness is mostly experiential and nonverbal ( i.e., sensory, somatic, intuitive, emotional) and is developed through practice. Continue Reading…


Four Steps to Less Stress by Taking Yoga “Off the Mat”

by Megan McDonough
It’s not hard to imagine Henry David Thoreau living in utter simplicity on his land at Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. Spending only $28.12 on a 10×15 square foot home and living a Spartan lifestyle, he went to the woods to live deliberately, learn life’s lessons and feel a sense of “having lived” when he died. Continue Reading..

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