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There are times when life can become extremely stressful and overwhelming.  Meeting with a social worker can help you manage your way through these emotionally, mentally, physically, psychologically and financially challenging times.

Social workers can help with issues such as, anxiety, depression, concentration/attention, anger/aggression, stress, life changes, self-esteem, abuse or trauma, relationship and communication problems, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, addictive behaviors, chronic pain and illness and self awareness issues to name but a few.

The methods used during a typical counseling session are numerous and varied and depend on the individual therapist and your own comfort level.  Techniques range from the very technical and scientific based to the more metaphysical and “energy” based.  Finding a counselor and form of therapy that you are comfortable with is key to your health, wellness, and well-being, so be choosy.

So, if you are looking for improved family communication, improved health and well-being, a reduction of stress and anxiety or even having a pleasant teenager in your home, then you may want to give a social worker a try.


Debbie Ennis, MSW, LICSW, has been a therapist for over 19 years. During this time, she has developed a style that is holistic in nature and very relaxed.  She especially enjoys working with people who are motivated to make changes in their lives.  Sometimes the exact change is not always apparent, but motivation towards a more conscientious and peaceful life is always a good start.  Debbie utilizes both time tested techniques and newer unique methods, whatever her client will benefit most from.  She always includes a bit of humor, as she believes laughter is an essential piece in the healing process.

While Debbie works with every age group, she specializes in working with teens.  This population tends to respond well to her relaxed and coach-like approach.  Since teens tend to shy away from talking directly about their issues, Debbie utilizes unique methods to help them get to the heart of what’s going on. Teens especially enjoy the unique breathing technique that she uses; a gentle yet powerful method of getting to the heart of the problem at hand.

To schedule an appointment with Social Worker Debbie Ennis, please call (978)257-8062 ext. 0

Maureen McGarry, LICSW, has been a therapist for over 12 years. Maureen’s practice focuses on self-care, essential to managing stress. She has been described as a thoughtful listener, respectful and gentle in nature. Her strength-based approach to therapy emphasizes a persons positive attributes. She provides a safe, confidential space to have an honest conversation about defined moments which have shaped a persons (life story). Healthy coping strategies are explored to assist clients with difficult thoughts and emotions causing distress or unwanted symptoms. ” I offer understanding, validation and support. We can create a new perspective that includes hope to restore balance and peace of mind.” Serving primarily adults, Maureen reserves time in her practice to work with families. Children who present with challenging behavior truly benefit from therapy. Collaboration, patience and effective changes bring about relief. This encourages effective parenting practices. For an appointment, call 774-364-5661 accepting new clients PAYMENT IS EXPECTED ~ DAY OF SERVICE Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider (co-pay collected) Other insurance: A receipt can be provided to you to request reimbursement.

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