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Listening is a non-profit center whose mission is to promote wholistic health and wellness for the Central Massachusetts community. The name Listening is inspired by a Chinese acupuncture point. This point helps you to hear outside sounds and your inner, intuitive voice — creating balance between inner and outer, active and quiet. This harmony is the road to health.
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Wheels In Motion

Wheels in Motion Biking and Nutrition Program

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2017 Program Dates
Thursdays, starting June 22nd, for 6 weeks
Wheels in Motion builds on several successful nutrition and obesity prevention programs at Listening Wellness Center. Past programs have involved collaboration with the Barre Family Health Center, the Cooking Matters Program, the Quabbin Regional High School Composting & Gardening Program, and the Barre Food Pantry. Like past programs, Wheels in Motion includes an emphasis on healthy eating, but this new program adds a physical exercise component through bicycling.
The aim for 2017 is to expand to three 6-week sessions starting in May and running through August. Wheels in Motion is geared toward families with an overweight teenager and/or families with children who could benefit from improving their physical or social skills. Participants meet once a week for two hours to learn bicycling skills, safety and maintenance, and to go on rides on local bike trails. Each enrolled child will have the opportunity to choose a used bicycle, through the Worcester Earn-A-Bike program, to keep as their own at the conclusion of the program. While children are biking, parents will gather in the kitchen of the Listening Wellness Center to learn about good nutritional habits, preparing snacks and meals based on sound nutritional guidelines. After the bike ride, families will dine together and discuss what they have learned that day.
This program will function as an impetus for families to begin thinking more confidently about physical activity and eating healthy, and to then put those ideas into motion. For more information, contact Listening at 978-355-3501 or Debbie Ennis at 978-257-8062.
For a downloadable brochure, click here.
All forms must be filled out completely.
Wheels Responsibility Form, click here Wheels-Responsibility-Form-2017
Health Care Provider Form, click here Health-Care-Providers-Examination-2017
Wheels Application, click here Wheels-Application-2017
Wheels Release, click here Wheels-in-Motion-Release-PDF